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Offering specialist thatching services throughout Somerset and Devon, Richard Butterfield is able to ensure that all of your individual requirements are met. From re-ridging to new thatching, you are guaranteed to be provided a service that ensured your roofing will last for years to come.

With more than 30 years of experience within the industry combined with locally sourced reed, Richard Butterfield is able to provide you with high quality thatching services that are designed around you. All of the thatching services are guaranteed that your property is fully protected from the elements at all times, and also ensures that any current leaks caused by your old roofing are sealed completely.

R. J Butterfield can also provide a range of other thatching services across Somerset and Devon, including:

Thatchers Somerset New thatch
Thatchers Somerset Re-thatch
Thatcher Somerset Bird Houses/Bird Tables
Thatcher Somerset Ridging
Thatching Somerset Patching
Thatching Somerset Conservation Work

Contact Richard of R.J. Butterfield for more information on the professional thatching services he offers throughout Somerset and the South West area.
Thatcher Somerset
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